Road Tests

Auto Tests

  • Auto tests are given Monday - Saturday  for $50.00 cash or money order
  • Sunday tests are $55.00 cash or money order
  • We can also provide on site car rentals for an additional $25.00  (call for availability)
  • No refunds are given for failure
  • First Retake is $30.00. There is a 24 hour mandatory wait- Keep your receipt it is needed
  • Second Retake is $50.00

Motorcycle Skills Test

  • The motorcycle skills test is $40.00 cash or money order
  • Retakes are $30.00. ($35.00 on Sundays).   There is a 24 hour mandatory wait  -  Keep your receipt:  it is needed

If 18 And Older Bring:

  • Temporary Instruction Permit - must be at least 30 days from issue date, or you must have a Waiver from the Secretary of State
  • Current insurance and registration on the vehicle you use for the test
  • $50.00 cash or money order ($55 00  on Sunday)

If Under 18 Bring:

  • Parent or legal guardian
  • Level I Permit must be at least 180 days from issue date from Secretary of State
  • Segment II Certificate of Completions
  • Current insurance and registration  on  the vehicle you use for the test
  • $50.00 cash or money order  ($55.00 on Sunday)

Please Call 517-484-2421 To Schedule

*Having incomplete, incorrect or lack of proper documents, or coming to a test without waiting the mandatory 180, or 30 days respectively, will be a $20.00 charge.



For Road Tests in Livonia, please call 734-420-0542 to schedule an appointment.

Holt and Lansing

 Test Sites

Washington Woods Middle School 2055 S. Washington Rd. Corner of Holt Rd. and Washington Rd.

Test site location is 207 W. Holmes Rd. Archie Ross Memorial Football Stadium.

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